HDPE Adhesive - Vertical Instant Lock

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Note: Vertical Lock Adhesive may only be purchased with an HDPE roll and cannot ship alone. 

HDPE Vertical Lock Adhesive

Vertical lock adhesive is an ideal adhesive to attaching HDPE water barrier to a concrete foundation wall. It is unique from other adhesives on the market in that it adheres to both HDPE and cement. The adhesive is quick drying, VOC compliant and can be used in varying temperatures (above 40 degrees).


How much do I need?

Each 9.5 oz tube contains approximately 210 linear inches of coverage. A single bead of adhesive on the top of the HDPE water barrier will adhere the barrier to the concrete wall regardless of the mil thickness of the barrier.

Approximately 6 tubes of vertical lock adhesive is required to attach 100 linear feet of our HDPE water barrier to a cement wall.



1. Clear the surface of all materials that may prevent adequate adhesion such as heavy textures, dirt, dust or other loose particles. Surfaces must be flat, completely dry and above 40°F.

2. To open, cut nozzle base on tube, screw on the v-notch applicator tip.

3. Using a caulking gun at a 90° angle, v-notch down, apply to one of the surfaces in a continuous bead spanning the full width but staying ½˝ from the outside edge. Do not apply in dot pattern.

4. Press surfaces firmly together and hold firmly for 5 seconds..



  • Holds strong in less than 5 seconds
  • No mortar, no mess
  • Strong, permanent bond
  • Also great for outdoor kitchens, veneers, masonry projects & repairs
  • Low odor, ideal for indoor use
  • Quick curing and non-corrosive
  • Weather resistant when cured


Other Common Applications:

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Natural Stone
  • Cultured Stone
  • Brick, Block & Pavers
  • Glass & Ceramic Tile
  • Veneers
  • Dry Stack
  • Masonry
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Metal & Wood



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