Tree Root Barrier

Protect Sidewalks, Patios and Property Lines with Our Dependable Tree Root Containment Barrier

Long Term Root Protection

Looking to stop tree roots from invading your landscape? Our 80 mil rhizome root barrier material can be used as a very effective tree root barrier as well as a bamboo barrier. The Heavy-Duty HDPE material is designed to last for decades when installed below ground providing you with long term root protection. 

Less Seams, More Secure

The weakest part of any root barrier is the seam. Panel-style barriers typically have seams every two feet which provides many opportunities for small tree roots to grow into and through the seams. As the roots mature they can expand and break the barrier. Our HDPE barrier ships in 100’ rolls which allows you to install a 100’ continuous barrier without venerable seams. Need to Connect more than 100’? Use our effective overlapping and seaming method that has been successful for thousands of customers for over 20 years. It takes 5 minutes and requires no special tools.

Multiple Depths Available

Do you have a variety of tree that only sends shallow roots? No problem, we have a 18” barrier for that. Or do you have a mature Redwood Tree which sends down deep roots? We have barriers all the way up to 48”  for more demanding situations. 

Ultra-Thick Root Barrier Material

Our 80 mil HDPE barrier is thicker than two standard credit cards when stacked up. This level of thickness provides a very dependable and sturdy barrier able to deflect nearly any type of tree or bamboo root. Panel style barriers range from 40 mil to 80 mil in thickness depending on where exactly you measure. Because our HDPE barrier has a consistant thickness of 80 mil, your project is provided with a higher level of consistent protection.

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