Plastic Foundation Water Barrier - HDPE

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Our exterior-grade heavy duty waterproof HDPE material is an ideal solution for limiting subterranean water movement while preventing surface water from pooling against the exterior of the foundation wall. The HDPE sheet material is typically installed outside, adjacent to the building's foundation and acts as a reliable water / moisture barrier for basements and crawl spaces. The barrier can be bent and can conform to curves and corners granted that turns are accomplished with a radius. Because of the thickness of the material a perfect 90 degree turn cannot be made.

Material Length: 100 foot roll (can be joined)
Material Height: 18" - 48" 
Material Thickness: 30 mil - 80 mil 
Material: HDPE
Shipping: UPS

- Can be cut with a standard utility knife or hand saw
- Joins vertically or horizontally with sealant tape and adhesive
- Made in the USA

Above: The barrier in this installation was installed a few inches away from the foundation wall to allow for a an occasional visual inspection to ensure that water was not flowing around the barrier and pooling against the foundation wall.
How most of our
customers install:
Most of our customers dig a trench either right along the foundation wall or right next to the wall. They drop in the plastic barrier leaving a few inches exposed above grade which holds back any pooling water. The trench is then backfilled and the dirt holds the barrier in place. No adhesive is required in this installation.
Attaching to a
foundation wall:
Some of our customers inquire about needing to permanently adhere the barrier to the foundation wall. For this installation type we recommend using a peel and stick product such as subseal. This product has an adhesive backing and will stick to a primed and cleaned foundation wall. Subseal can be overlapped and “stacked” in the circumstance where a wall taller than 48” is required to be waterproofed. We advise against using our HDPE product in tall applications as the large horizontal seam which would be very laborious to install and could provide water penetration issues.
Holding the HDPE in place on a tall installation:
Some of our customers run into a situation where they are using the HDPE to waterproof and require that the plastic is affixed to the wall prior to back filling. The vertical instant lock adhesive bonds to both the HDPE and concrete and can hold the barrier in place until the area is ready to be backfilled.
Seaming the barrier:
If more than a 100’ length is required the barrier can be joined. In order to provide the best joint possible we suggest that both the HDPE seam tape and adhesive is used. Use 1 roll of tape and 1 tube of adhesive for 18” and 24” heights and double that amount for taller barriers. To create the best seam possible overlap the HDPE by 4’ and in the overlap place multiple vertical strips of the double sided seam tape and then multiple lines of the adhesive. Press the two sides together for approximately 1 minute and a solid seam will be made. Keep in mind that even when done correctly the seam is the weakest link in the water barrier and over time the most prone spot to leak. Whenever possible avoid seaming the material for the best result.
Other applications:
HDPE water barrier can also be used as a root barrier for trees, bamboo and weeds. When used as a root barrier, the HDPE sheet effectively prevents the plant's root from spreading throughout the landscape.
Need a Longer Roll?
We offer our barrier in custom roll lengths of 100' increments. Additional production time and shipping costs bay be required. Please contact us to request a custom quote.
Written Quotes:
If you would like a written quote for your project please contact us.
Volume Pricing:
We offer volume pricing on orders totaling over $5,000. Please call (800) 351-9633 or contact us via web for details
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