Tree Root Barrier Roll - HDPE

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Tree Root Barrier Roll - HDPE

Root Barrier
at a Glance

  • Contains Tree Roots
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Built-In UV Stabilization
  • Made with Recyclable Materials
  • 100 year in-ground lifespan
  • Joins vertically or horizontally with HDPE Sealant Tape
  • Easy to cut with a standard utility knife
  • Deflection side is chrome rolled to provide a superior protection surface

Thickness Comparison Video

View the differences between the various thicknesses of tree root / bamboo barrier that we offer.


5/64 of an inch or 2 mm

Ultra Heavy-Duty

For the containment of tree roots, bamboo or other aggressive invasive plants.

Less Seams - More Protection:

Our HDPE tree root barrier is available in roll widths of 80’ or 100’ depending on the height. Most panel style barriers on the market are sold in 2’ wide pieces which are connected together. As with any root barrier, the most vulnerable point to root intrusion is the connection between barrier pieces. Because our barrier allows you to install a continuous long stretch without a connection point, the end result is a more dependable barrier much less prone to root intrusion than a panel style barrier.

Best Price Guarantee

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How Deep Do I Need to Go?

Tree roots grow in all different depths depending on the tree, soil, climate and the amount of rainfall an area receives. Because of this we recommend that if you are unsure how deep the roots of your tree go you should either dig down and investigate or consult a certified arborist in your area for guidance.

Installing in a Sidewalk Cutout?

In urban applications trees are often installed in sidewalk cutouts. These installation areas are very cramped for space and require that the tree establish deep, vertical roots to provide stability. Panel style barriers are better suited for this purpose as they provide integrated vertical ribs to direct tree roots downward once coming in contact with the barrier.


Our 80 mil tree root barrier is designed to contain the roots in tree planting areas. The 80 mil barrier thickness is commonly used in applications where root overgrowth could lead to significant property damage, therefore a thick and durable barrier is necessary.

Our tree root barrier is composed of heavy-duty HDPE and provides a smooth surface which acts as a very effective root-stop. The tree roots will not penetrate the barrier but grow along the side of the barrier instead.


  1. Dig a trench around the area where you are planning to plant the bamboo or where the bamboo is already planted. The trench should be 2” less deep than the depth of the barrier that is to be installed. For example if you are installing a 24” barrier, dig a 22” trench.

  2. Place the barrier in the trench. If connecting two segments of barrier be sure to overlap the segments by 4 feet, use HDPE sealant tape vertically and horizontally to connect the seam. The taped overlap will prevent the bamboo rhizomes from breaking through the seam.

  3. Plant the bamboo according to nursery planting specifications. Be sure to pay attention to any soil deficiencies, compaction and drainage.



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