DuPont DPGG‑5055 5.6‑Ounce Groundgrid

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DuPont GroundGrid Grass Paver - Gravel Grid -  Small Grid Size

Model: DPGG-5055
Size: 4' x 25'
Cell Opening: 2.16" cell opening (55 mm)
Square Footage: 108 sq. ft.
Color: Grey
Material Thickness: 1.96" (cell height)

This material is frequently used as a gravel grid in driveway applications. The grid helps to hold gravel in place and to reinforce the surface to allow for frequent vehicular traffic.

Product Features:
- Lightweight geotextile fabric
- Product packaged and supplied in compressed accordion packets
- Each grid covers 10 square yards (108 sq. ft.)
- Can be cut to any size
- Flexible fabric construction

GroundGrid Installation Video:

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DuPont GroundGrid ground stabilization system is a geotextile grid used for ground stabilization in landscape and construction projects. Simply expand the three-dimensional honeycomb structure, place it on your project surface and fill with gravel, soil, sand or other mineral infill to create a strong and stable surface.

GroundGrid uses DuPont science to create an uncommonly strong and stable surface for your job site. As with many ground stabilization systems, a threedimensional honeycomb structure holds mineral infill to create a solid ground surface. The difference is that DuPont GroundGrid is made from high-performance fabric engineered by the experts at DuPont. So it's lightweight but tough enough to work hard and last for decades in any conditions, while being uniquely flexible and truly easy to use. From a performance standpoint, it allows water to flow in a horizontal direction through the structure to avoid water damming around the pathway.

Recommended Applications: Fire lanes, emergency vehicle access roads, truck maintenance and equipment yards, construction entrance soil stabilization, truck & cart wash-down areas, RV & boat access and parking, residential driveways, parking lots, overflow parking lots, roadways shoulders.


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Use It Anywhere You
Want A Strong Surface:

GoundGrid is ideal for a variety of landscape and construction projects, from road surfaces to grassy expanses.

Building sites
Parking lots

Golf courses

Sport fields

Grass areas


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GroundGrid is designed for use with both vehicular and foot traffic.


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