Biobarrier Root Control Fabric 29" x 100'

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BioBarrier Root Control Fabric

Item Code: 213017
Brand: Typar
Roll Size: 29" x 100'




BioBarrier - Effective Tree Root Protection.

  • Root barrier deflects root growth by preventing root tip cell division
  • Guaranteed for 15 years

Typar Biobarrier root control fabric is a multi-year root control system that can be installed in the soil vertically, horizontally or as a surround to inhibit root growth for up to 15 years. The root control fabric is a flexible geotextile fabric that includes time-release nodules impregnated with a herbicide which prevents root tip cell division but does not impact overall plant health. This root control fabric is porous, allowing water, air and nutrients to pass through and is easily cut to size. A "no root" zone is created on all sides. Roots growing into the zone are redirected while roots outside the zone continue to grow normally.

Biobarrier Installation
BioBarrier installed in a trench to contain tree roots.
Typar Biobarrier
BioBarrier effectively prohibits tree roots from penetrating the fabric due to the built-in herbicide.
Biobarrier built tough
BioBarrier is constructed of rugged material designed to withstand the requirements of both commercial and residential job sites.
Biobarrier tree roots
BioBarrier can be used to prevent tree roots from growing into underground pipes and septic systems.

Active ingredient is 17.5% Trifluralin, which is a non-systemic herbicide that biodegrades in the soil and has an extremely low water solubility to reduce leaching. Ideal for use along sidewalks, foundations and dams, or around pipes and trees. Can also be used under pots to prevent roots from growing through drain holes.

Multiple rolls can be attached using sod pins (included) or construction adhesive. USA made.


Biobarrier Brochure
How Biobarrier Works Guide
Case Study - Electrical Substation, Quebec Case Study - Electrical Fencing, Quebec


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BioBarrier - Underground Structure Application BioBarrier - Tree Application


Spec - BioBarrier (PDF) Spec - BioBarrier (Word)