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36" x 24"  Root Barrier Panels by NDS

Provides dependable tree root protection for sidewalks, patios and property lines. 

Panel Depth:
Panel Width: 24" 
Material Thickness: 1/8"
Number of Panels Included: 14
Total Linear Feet Included: 28 feet
Material: High Impact Polypropylene (HIPP)
Shipping: UPS

- Made in the USA



EP Series Root Barriers are injection molded High Impact Polypropylene (HIPP) modular root barrier panels, with a unique factory installed joiner strip that eases installation. EP Series Panels include a "T" top edge to prevent root overgrowth and an external flange at the base to lock panels in the ground.



It is recommended that smooth "Bamboo Barrier" is not used as a tree root barrier. Smooth barrier does not feature vertical ridges which are essential in directing tree roots downward. When tree roots grow toward the surface the roots can attempt to "jump" the barrier creating a future maintenance issue. Additionally shallow roots can impair the stability of the tree.


Included joint pieces provide a secure connection between panels:


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Surround Applications:

EP Series Root Barriers can be installed in either a linear or surround configuration. The panels are flexible allowing for the installer to completely surround the tree root base.



Linear Applications:

In a linear application, the tree root barrier should be installed per the directions below:

1. Before the tree is planted, connect the root barrier panels to a length of 6 feet. If multiple trees or a row of trees are to be planted, be sure to allow the barrier to extend at least 3 feet to on either side of the first and last trees in the row.

2. Dig a trench along the sidewalk or patio centered on the planting site, 6 feet long and appropriately deep so the top of the root barrier will be 1/2" to 1" above the finished soil grade or flush with the level of the sidewalk or patio, whichever is lower.

3. Place the pre-assembled panels in the trench. Center the root barrier on the planting spot so it extends for 3 feet on either side of the tree trunk. Be sure that the ridges on the root barrier panels are facing the tree. Double check that the root barrier panels are 1/2" to 1" above the soil line.

4. Backfill while taking extra care to keep the root barrier in place.