Rhizome / Bamboo Barrier 30 mil Thickness

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30 Mil Bamboo Barrier - Rhizome Barrier

Bamboo Barrier
at a Glance

  • Contains Bamboo Rhizomes
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Built-In UV Stabilization
  • Made with Recyclable Materials
  • 100 year in-ground lifespan
  • Joins vertically or horizontally with HDPE Sealant Tape
  • Easy to cut with a standard utility knife
  • Deflection side is chrome rolled to provide a superior protection surface

Thickness Comparison Video

View the differences between the various thicknesses of bamboo barrier that we offer.


1/32 of an inch or .79 mm


For light-duty bamboo containment applications.

How Deep Does My Barrier Need to Be?

Typical bamboo rhizomes grow into the first 12” of soil. Rhizomes are responsible for spreading the growth of the bamboo plant. (As opposed to the bamboo’s roots which do not spread the growth of the bamboo). As a measure of caution we only sell 18” and deeper bamboo barrier. Just because typical rhizomes exist in the top 12” of soil doesn’t mean that the rhizomes can’t go deeper. Due to the fact that it takes just one rhizome to spread the plant throughout your yard it is far better to go a bit deeper with your barrier than you need to than not deep enough. The most commonly installed barrier depths that our customers install are 24” and 30”.

Please note, this is general information and certain species of bamboo planted in certain soils can send rhizomes much deeper. It is for this reason that we provide barrier options up to a maximum depth of 60” (60 mil only). Please consult a certified arborist for additional information bamboo specific growing patterns in your area.

A Note About 30 Mil Barrier:

For more than a decade thousands of our customers have installed 30 mil barrier to control bamboo and we have received very few reports of bamboo puncturing the barrier. Nevertheless, a barrier of 40 mil in thickness or more is typically recommended by landscape architects and arborists for bamboo control applications.


30 mil HDPE rhizome barrier is designed to contain lightly aggressive bamboo, invasive species and act as a water barrier to protect foundations, putting greens and other water sensitive areas in the landscape.

Bamboo is a fantastic garden plant due to it’s ability to grow quickly and provide privacy as well as aesthetic beauty. When bamboo is left un-contained it can spread throughout a landscape providing a major maintenance issue as well as damage to hardscapes or other delicate plantings.

Our rhizome barrier is composed of heavy-duty HDPE and provides a smooth surface which acts as a very effective root-stop. The bamboo rhizomes (roots) will not penetrate the barrier but instead grow along the side of the barrier instead.


  1. Dig a trench around the area where you are planning to plant the bamboo or where the bamboo is already planted. The trench should be 2” less deep than the depth of the barrier that is to be installed. For example if you are installing a 24” barrier, dig a 22” trench.
  2. Place the barrier in the trench. If connecting two segments of barrier be sure to overlap the segments by 4 feet, use HDPE sealant tape vertically and horizontally to connect the seam. The taped overlap will prevent the bamboo rhizomes from breaking through the seam.
  3. Plant the bamboo according to nursery planting specifications. Be sure to pay attention to any soil deficiencies, compaction and drainage.


In order to control bamboo effectively, proper maintenance must be performed on a seasonal basis. Bamboo rhizomes spread outward from the center of the plant in either spring, summer or fall depending on your location.

Simply dig a trench around the area where the bamboo is planted, place the barrier in the trench and back-fill. Be sure to install the barrier 2” above the finish grade of the soil. This will allow the gardener to monitor and catch bamboo rhizomes that are attempting to “jump the barrier” Cut any rhizomes attempting to overgrow the barrier and remove. If this process is performed annually, the procedure should be easy due to the fact that the rhizomes are soft and easy to remove.


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    Posted by Tyler Thayer on Oct 8th 2020

    30 MIL is thick enough for my backyard retaining wall to keep moisture and any stray roots from penetrating it. Its easy to install, and hopefully will keep the wood from rotting for a long time. Nice product!

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    Alternate use

    Posted by Mike Reyland on Aug 26th 2020

    I used that product as a water drainage system between the joists of me deck. It worked great though I would have bought a 20mil if that was available. The 30mil is slightly thicker that I actually needed but still works great.

  • 5
    This stuff is the Bomb Diggity

    Posted by Alliance Landscapes, LLC on Aug 6th 2018

    This thing right here will help you control Moisture on Foundations, control Bamboo, and all kinds of things! Really good resource and they deliver very quickly!