Grass Reinforcement Mesh - 79" x 50' Roll - 335 Sq. Ft.

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Tenax TR Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Model: GP-50
Size: 6.7' x 50' Roll
Square Footage: 335
Color: Green
Material: HPDE

Tenax Turf Staples are recommended for use with the grass reinforcement mesh.

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Landscape Discount offers durable extruded polymer grids for protecting and reinforcing grassed areas. A multitude of parking areas can benefit from these products: overspill car parking, grassed access routes, footpaths, buggy/cart paths, r.v. parks, parkland areas and areas used by light aircraft. Additionally, these versatile products can be used to prevent dogs from damaging backyards, horses and deer from rubbing the bark off trees, as an alternative to the wire baskets used to wrap tree root systems, or as a breathable barrier when stacking hay or straw.

Tenax Grass Protection Mesh is a tough extruded polymer grid for reinforcing grassed areas used by vehicles and pedestrians. For best results, Turf Reinforcement Mesh should be installed in the Spring so the grass will grow quickly through the grid's apertures (openings) and form a root mass around the mesh filaments. The area will soon resume its natural appearance and provide a stable surface that will withstand the weight of lightweight vehicles and heavy pedestrian use.

Grass protection mesh also works as a tree wrap to prevent horse and deer from damaging trees or as grass protection in yards used by multiple or large dogs. Some companies are now using it to manufacture a cost-effective alternative to wire frame tree baskets to wrap the root system and allow roots room to breath and grow.

Applications: Overspill Car Parking | Grassed Access Routes | Footpaths - Buggy / Cart Paths | Parking and Turning Circles for Light Aircraft | R.V. Parks | Lawns Used for Parking Cars, Boats and Trailers | Grassed Verges in Urban and Parkland Areas
(Some applications may require additional soil stabilization such as a geogrid.)

Installation Instructions: Cut the grass short and ensure the area is as level as possible and clear of any protruding stones or other debris. Fill in any hollows with a mixture of fine topsoil and sharp sand. Unroll the Turf reinforcement Mesh over the area to be protected and secure the initial end with staples, pins or ten penny nails with washers. While under tension, place additional pins every yard on each side and then secure the opposite end of the roll. If the area to be protected is wider than 6.7 feet, butt the edges of the rolls together and secure by placing a pin across each edge. Finally, pin down any area of the mesh that is not in contact with the grass. If the mesh is laid over bare earth, apply a suitable grass seed and fertilizer and dress at approximately 6 lbs / 100 sf (or as specified). Vehicles and pedestrians should be kept off the area until the grass has grown at least 1 inch and has been mowed twice with the blade height set high. The area can then be rolled if required.

Notes: If the Turf Protection Mesh is being laid over clay soil, a suitable drainage system should be installed. If the ground is particularly soft, please seek the advice of a professional. Turf Protection Mesh does not solve drainage problems.


6.7' x 100' 17.0 in 670 SF 85 lbs


Tensile Strength (MD)Tensile Strength (TD)Yield Point Elongation (MD)Yield Point Elongation (TD)
4.5 kN/m 4.5 kN/m 60% 40%


Mesh SizeMesh ShapeColor / MaterialWeight
1 3/8" x 1 1/4" Rhomboidal Green / HDPE 640 g/sm